Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sample Trip 8/29/09


     Where: Chemung River- Dunn Field Launch to Lowman Crossover
     When: Meet 9am- done approximately 11am


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    So I would love to accompany you. email me at

  2. I'm new to the area and I'm intrested in meeting some out going river friends. I just moved here from Va and I'm having a hard time meeting people like me.

  3. Welcome to the area. If you check out Friends of the chemung river watershed site they have lots of activities to attend with lots of people to meet.

    There will be a river trip on the 24th that is being held in conjunction with the Red Cross. The trip is from Dunn Field to Lowman Crossover. Call Red Cross at 734-3317 and Ask For Jeff Pesesky to get the details.

    Any time you are interested in going, I would love to go. Mornings work best for me after august 8th